Attorney-At-Law Dr. Andreas Schwörer

Specialist Tax Solicitor, Certified Advisor for International Tax Law

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Panama Papers / Paradise Papers / Pandora Papers
In case you or your company has any link to Germany:
  • I analyse whether or not you have infringed any declaration duties.
  • I advise you what legal obligations you have in regards to your "offshore structure".
  • I advise you what options for declarations and legalization are available.
  • I advise you in regards to a legal application scope for offshore structures.
  • Eventually advanced tax ruling ATR with the german or other fiscal authorities

I have professional experience in such matters aquainted abroad in a company formation and management company. Such SPV (Special purpose vehicles) are typcially used for wealth management, asset management, holding of property like real estate, planes, yachts, vessels or for a special business project unit.

Second Opinion
You are not satisfied or unsecure whether your current lawyer is advising you in the right direction with an strategy appropriate for your needs and targets?
I advise you under the perspective of strategic and cost efficient realization of your legal and economical interests.
To obtain a second opinion is worth it if you have to decide complex issues and you want to consider alternative suggestions or you want to be sure, to decide the correct way and / or your current lawyer has taken the appopriate steps. Because there is typically no representation towards any counterparty or towards the current lawyer, the costs for a second opinion are typcially lower than for the first lawyer.

Act legal...
... but clever!