Attorney-At-Law Dr. Andreas Schwörer

Specialist Tax Solicitor, Certified Advisor for International Tax Law


Gaggenau is located 30 Kms in the south of Karlsruhe and about 15 kms away from Baden-Baden.

From highway A5, you take the exit Rastatt. At the traffic light you turn left into the federal street B462 to Gaggenau..

After the street of two lanes narrowed to one lane you leave the federal street at the next possibility to Gaggenau-West. At the circle you take the exit Gaggenau-West (which is the turning left, from perspective of your original direction).

After you left the circle you turn immediatelly right into the Bismarckstreet at the next first junction. Here my office is at number 53. Parking spaces are available and named Kanzlei Schwörer.

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