Attorney-At-Law Dr. Andreas Schwörer

Specialist Tax Solicitor, Certified Advisor for International Tax Law

Legal Services

I advocate you in the following branches of law:

  • Private law
  • Trade law; SPA Sale & Purchase Agreements, commercial law
  • Tax structuring, drafting of contracts, Design of terms of business
  • Landlord and tenant law
  • Inheritance law including international relations
  • Debt collection
  • Banking & Finance law, Asset Recovery
  • Establishment of corporations, mergers & acquisition.
    The challenge of any case is to develop a solution which fits to the legal consequences in all fields of law according to your vision (Limited, LLP, LLC, GmbH, UG, KG, oHG, AG, Partnerships or Incorporations).
  • Accompanying commercial and financial transactions:
    legal and behavioral mediation service and upon closing escrow agent with escrow account service, paymaster-services
  • Tax law
  • Tax litigation, taxation proceedings
  • Assistance in tax audits
  • Legal remedies at court for tax issues and at the administrative authorities
  • Appeal proceedings at the federal court of appeals in tax matters
  • international tax law, german international tax law (AStG), double taxation treaties, information exchange proceedings in mutual assistance of tax authorities within the EU.
    • Offshore-constitutions: It is not difficult to create an offshore Limited. If you want to save taxes, it doesn´t help you to establish a Limited. In order to make the offshore-styling working, you have to check the law of your residence state for prerequisities in the law. The attention of your home law regime is usually not offered by agencies and consultants selling you the limited within 24 hours. The challenge for any offshore idea is always the law of your homeland, which is usually a hightax state. This is not even a german peculiarity and this counts also if you maintain a residence in another hightax state. The USA and the UK have similar laws like the german international tax law (Aussensteuerrecht) in order to gather their taxes (CFC regulations).
  • Criminal law and defense
  • tax evasion law, tax investigation, tax criminal law
  • international criminal law
  • international mutual legal assistance in tax, tax evasion and criminal law
  • Advise concerning a self-indictment in tax law:
    If you have undeclared income, there is currently a need for advice concerning a self-indictment because of the Tax-DVD and because of an upcoming change of legal provisions. Which options to react do you have? Is the banking secrecy endangered? How can you legalize undeclared income? We offer advice concerning legalizing illegal (black) money with and even without self-indictment and even without taking place of further misdemenaors. All steps are legal. In order to implement such an advise we do assist you together with your asset consultant.
    • Analysis, whether you have untaxed capital, what you might not be aware of just because of the complexity of the tax laws.
    • Analysis, whether a self-indictment is a real option: this is usually but not always the case.
    • Analysis of other strategic options and analysis of hazard of detection by a prosecutor
    • Analysis and avoiding of criminal risks in case of expatriation for tax saving reasons
  • White collar crimes
  • Advising in Avoidance of white collar crime in corporations (Compliance-Advisory).
  • Defending of a corporation executive body
  • Advising concerning criminal risks of planned or implemented activities
  • Assistance in search and seizure, including legal remedies against search and seizure including legal remedies against other coersive measures.
  • Accreditation at court
  • I can plead in Germany at all courts besides the federal court of appeals in civil law. In Europe, I can plead at all courts of the EU and at the European court for human rights.
    So far, I pleaded at the following courts:
    • Labour court
    • District court (civil and criminal cases)
    • Regional court (civil and criminal cases)
    • Regional court of Appeals (civil cases)
    • Tax court
    • Federal fiscal court
    • Administrative court
    • Constitutional court

The above list of legal service is exemplary and not completing.

Act legal...
... but clever!