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Specialist Tax Solicitor, Certified Advisor for International Tax Law


Double Tax Treaties and Information Exchange Agreements

The international information exchange is determined by a jungle of laws and agreements. There are - for example, among two member states of the European Union in tax and criminal law - more than 10 laws or agreements, which partly interfere or supplement each other. Links to the agreements are shown below.

  • List of german speaking states:
  • Tax agreements of Germany with other states
  • Tax agreements of Austria with other states
  • Tax agreements of Switzerland with other states
  • Tax agreements of Liechtenstein with other states
  • Other States:
  • International Tax Law of Monaco
    Tax Treaties of Monaco
  • Other Links
  • OECD Tax
  • German abroad chambers of commerce
  • Geopolitical - Internet journal concerning territorial diversified asset management
  • Tax News

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